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This supplement will help you to elevate your energy levels and boost your desire Naturally . Our capsules are perfectly designed to help you recharge your vitality and stamina.

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Meet Ember, the culmination of years of trial and development for a plant-based, hormone and steroid-free solution to low female desire. Ember is designed to increase physical arousal and orgasms by targeting stress hormones to support a healthy drive, sensation, and hormonal balance.


Hot flashes? Vaginal dryness? Mood swings? Need a little everyday boost?

We’re right there with you, and we’ve got you covered.

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Amie Naturals – Women’s sexual wellness products

Amie Naturals is the name behind a women’s intimate care line that allows you to feel your most sensual self. We are a US brand and an online store for sexual wellness products that sets out to support your changing needs through every stage of womanhood.

Soothe and smooth irritated vaginal skin with our signature oil blends. Spark up sensitivity and arousal with our passion-igniting supplements. Discover new depths of pleasure with science-backed intimate products for women!

Get to know us

You deserve to feel comfortable with your body. That’s why Amie Naturals was born – to support women’s intimate needs with top-tier, plant-based products crafted to underpin sexual health and avert the most nagging symptoms.

Made by ladies, for ladies

As a women-owned brand, Amie Naturals understands the importance of safe and effective options for feminine care. We’ve harnessed the power of nature to develop a line of women’s wellness products that soften, soothe, and enhance sensitivity without harsh chemicals. 

Whether it’s for relieving vaginal dryness or boosting libido, our formulas are 100% organic. Our intimate oils and supplements are safe, non-toxic, and backed by research, so you can feel empowered about your choices.

Loving creations

Self-care starts with loving yourself. We pour our hearts into sourcing the best botanicals and crafting formulas in GMP- and FDA-approved facilities to let you nurture your body with the tenderness it deserves.

Each treasure that makes up our line of intimate products for women is a reminder to slow down, explore your sensuality, and celebrate womanhood. Let it take you to embracing intimacy and sharing the gift of natural wellness!

Wellness products for women for the bikini line and beyond

Amie Naturals is here to nourish your senses, intimate skin, and hair. Release your energy and reconnect with your partner with the following intimate products for ladies:

  • Pleasure booster. Try our non-hormonal supplements that gently coax your body and mind into the mood for closeness. After 2 weeks of use, they make you glow, flame, and burn with desire.
  • Intimate skin and hair care. Leave that to a blend of natural oils that melt into your genital skin. Regular use transforms your private areas into a velvety paradise with no signs of dryness.
  • Intimacy products for sensitivity. Enriched with hemp extract, they fade your inhibitions and ignite your passion as you explore each other’s bodies. Use our lubricants to connect deeper through conscious, unhurried, sensual plays.
  • Moisturizers. It gets even better with a sumptuous balm that caresses the whole body and keeps your most sensitive spots smooth and soft. You and your partner will surely appreciate how irresistibly touchable your skin feels.
  • Menopausal support. Opt for plant-based supplements that let you confidently embrace new life stages. These provide natural relief from mood changes and hot flashes while also alleviating premenstrual discomfort

We’re here for you every step of the sensual way with estrogen-free intimate products for ladies. Experience affection and togetherness on your terms with Amie Naturals!

Our fans are raving!

Initially bought this to try and revive my sex drive but it also helps with a ton of

other annoying menopause symptoms too. No more uncomfortable vaginal

dryness, less hot flashes and chills, plus I’ve been sleeping a lot better.

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