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Say goodbye to period cramps and hello to Comfort, our Ozone and CBD suppositories designed to soothe and relax away pain— gently and naturally!


Promotes sexual pleasure,reproductive health,and menstrual relief

Heals, relaxes and soothes away pain

Effective, high-quality, all-natural ingredients

Clinically tested

Safe & Estrogen-free

Key ingredients

Our product does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives. Only natural ingredients.
Organic hemp extract

How does Comfort work?

2 weeks

The CBD suppository works to soothe and relax away pain, while the Ozone suppository increases the amount of oxygen in the body, and improves the body’s ability to heal and regenerate damaged cells.

First month

Comfort starts working in as little as 10-15 minutes after application. The effects typically last 4-8 hours. Be sure to wash hands before opening and handling the suppository.

2-3 months

If using the Ozone Oxygen-Therapy suppository, take 12-hours prior to CBD suppository for maximum absorption and cell regeneration.

3+ months

If using CBD suppository only, use as necessary: If you’re using them for period pain relief, you only need to use them when that pain sprouts up.

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We've got answers

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the non psychoactive ingredient that can be found in marijuana. CBD doesn’t get you high (that’s what the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in marijuana does).
No. Our CBD is non psychoactive and formulated without THC.
Comfort includes 5 CBD Suppositories and 5 Ozone Suppositories per 6 oz jar.
Suppositories are small round or cone-shaped medications designed to be inserted into the vagina, anus, or urethra. Once inside, the medication melts or dissolves and is absorbed by the body.
Menstrual cramps are a result of cramped muscles. CBD has been clinically proven to help manage pain – gently and naturally through relaxing muscles.
Yes! The body gradually produces less and less cannabinoids as you go through menopause. Introducing more cannabinoids to your system by way of CBD suppositories could help alleviate night sweats, mood changes, vagina dryness, and mental fog.


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