signs that a woman has not been sexually active

10 Signs That a Woman Has NOT Been Sexually Active

Have you ever heard, “You need to get laid,” as though sex holds some kind of special healing power? Well, in some way, that’s actually true.

Physical intimacy has all types of health benefits, such as:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Increase in libido
  • Better sleep

Of course, some women want it more than others.

In fact, nearly 1 in 3 women between 18 and 59 complain about a lack of sexual desire. Maybe you’ve tried to spice up your romance, but nothing seems to work…

nearly one in three women complain about a lack of sexual desire

If this sounds like you, the chances are you have not been sexually active enough.

In this post, we’re going to look at the 10 most common sights that a woman hasn’t been sexually active, so you can address any potential issues and reclaim your sex life.

#1: Lack of Sexual Experience

Most women have a wealth of sexual experience.

In fact, 89% of single women are sexually experienced, so if you lack those experiences, it’s reasonable that you feel anxious or stressed about sex. Although anxiety before sex is normal, sometimes it can be so severe that you can be self-sabotaging.

That’s right, you may begin to act standoff-ish or avoid physical escalation with a partner. Also, in more severe cases, you might even avoid making social connections.

There can be a couple of reasons for this ‘unhealthy’ anxiety, such as.

  • Lack of confidence
  • Previous negative experience

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

6 - 16% of women have sexual anxiety, and in many cases, it’s because of their perceived feelings of a lack of sexual experience – which may lead to self-sabotaging for nothing.

Feelings of self-consciousness over performance are among top causes of sexual dysfunction.

the top causes for sexual dysfunction

As with anything, it takes practice and comfort with your partner to build sexual chemistry. There is no point in putting all this pressure and psyching yourself out in the process.

How to Fix Sexual Performance Anxiety

There are a lot of different ways you can take advantage of to overcome performance anxiety. While some people use medication or go to psychotherapy, we highly recommend going for natural supplements to win over your feelings of being ‘not good enough’.

This is because natural supplements aren’t addictive, work fast, and have little to no side effects.

To eliminate the performance anxiety before sex, we highly recommend using Ember – one of the best female libido boosting supplements.

Ember contains all-natural ingredients to boost female libido and improve sexual desire.

Also, ingredients like Ashwagandha root powder can help reduce stress and anxiety, so you can approach sexual activities in a relaxed state of mind.

benefits of ashwagandha

In case you’re looking for additional ways to fight performance anxiety, here are other solutions.

  1. Psychotherapy. This therapy aims to help you rework your thoughts and support you in managing anxiety symptoms.
  2. Sex education. Getting some knowledge can help boost your confidence and can clear up any misunderstandings or myths.
  3. Practice. Masturbation can help you better understand your body so you can communicate and help your partner better satisfy you.
  4. Medication. There are certain medications like Addyi and Vyleesi which act like female viagra and can help you get into mood and overcome anxiety.

#2: Low Desire in Sex

Sexual desire may naturally change over the years.

The highs and lows are closely correlated with major life changes, which can include things such as pregnancy, illness, and menopause.

reasons for low sex drive

But if your sex drive is abnormally low or the problem persists over time, you may want to consult a licensed health professional.

This is because you can have some medical condition, such as hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

the most common symptoms of HSDD

However, it’s important to distinguish whether you simply need to spice up your love life or have potential health issues.

How to Fix Low Desire in Sex

The key is to first identify the root cause of your low libido and then fix it.

The medication or natural supplements may help you fix your problem short-term, however, if you’re looking to get your desire for sex back, you need to fix the root cause.

Here are some of the most common causes of low libido.

  • Hormonal changes. Estrogen levels drop can cause women to be less interested in sex.
  • Psychological issues. Poor body image, low self-esteem, or general anxiety can limit your ability to relax in the bedroom.
  • Relationship problems. If you have unresolved conflicts, trust issues, or poor communication about sexual needs, that could be a major contributing factor.
  • Health-related illnesses. Medical diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis can affect sex drive.

#3: Sexual Validation

Sexual validation is a very common sign of sexually inactive women.

Perhaps you’ve been posting selfies and neurotically checking your social media accounts for likes, shares, and comments. Or you flirt with others or post pictures at parties, hoping to get someone’s attention.

If that’s you, that’s totally okay!

We’re not here to judge. It’s only human nature to seek validation, and receiving intimacy is part of what makes us human. After all, 36% of women aged 20-44 are single. If you don’t have a partner to show you love and validation, you may outwardly show it through other means.

That said, rather than seeking external sexual validation, give yourself internal validation. Shift your focus and energy to seek self-love.

How to Give Yourself Internal Validation?

Think of anything you can do for yourself to support you in feeling the love you want from others.

  • Do you want to move your body more?
  • Have you always wanted to try yoga?
  • Is there a work project that brings you a deep sense of fulfillment?

Remember, the better you feel about yourself, the more confident and attractive you’ll come across – which in turn will help you find a partner that enjoys your best qualities.

self-care mood boosters

#4: Hypersensitive

Are you someone who feels hypersensitive about sexual topics?

Maybe your friends are chatting about their personal experiences in the bedroom, and you feel left out. Women who aren't sexually active may feel uncomfortable discussing sex or become defensive when 'sex talk' comes up.

feeling hypersensitive about sexual topics

It's not that you're prudish or uninterested; it's just that these discussions can make you feel a bit awkward or self-conscious.

How to Fix Hypersensitivity

It’s totally okay to be hypersensitive about these topics.

There is not much you can do except for just getting more sexual experience which will help you feel more confident and talk with others.

#5: Everyone’s Friend Zoned

Unfortunately, many of us have had bad relationships with others.

Feeling like we were emotionally abused or wronged in any way could lead to us lashing out at other potential suitors. Frankly, those people don’t deserve that…

If you constantly put others in the ‘friend zone’, even when you like them, it’s a sign of sexual inactivity.

I want to be your friend

How to Fix Putting Everyone In a Friend Zone

It’s important to remember that every person and relationship is unique.

You shouldn’t bring your emotional baggage along with you. While it’s natural to protect your emotional well-being, you should never let that get in the way of exploring new, healthy, and fulfilling connections.

If you’re truly in love, you may hurt your chances with them by putting them in the friend zone.

why are you putting everyone in a friendzone

Instead, tell them about your hesitations; so, you can build the trust needed for intimacy.

#6: Hyperactive Sexting But No Real Action

This is along the same lines as seeking validation.

Are you someone that hyperactive sexts to lead guys on, only for no real action to happen?

sexting example

Perhaps you’ve talked a big game about all the things that will happen, gassing them up.

You may even share fantasies and send explicit photos to ignite their desires. But in the end, you’ve decided to back out, leaving them frustrated.

If that’s the case, it’s probably a sign you’ve been sexually inactive.

How to Fix Sexting With No Action

Maybe you don’t have sexual experiences under your belt, or you’re nervous about the situation.

If this is you, hold off on the sexting and focus more on teasing and creating sexual tension in person. That way, you don’t lead the other person on and give them high expectations.

#7: Lack of Sexual Knowledge

70% of women are currently sexually active – having intercourse seven of the last 12 months. This goes to show that most people around you are sexually active. But that’s not to say you’re the only one. Even if you lack sexual knowledge or experience, there’s still 30% that aren’t sexually active!

Everyone has to start from somewhere.

We can’t expect to live out our favorite erotica novels if we have limited sexual experiences and knowledge. But you’d be surprised that just a few tweaks in your technique could go a long way to satisfying you and your partner.

How to Fix a Lack of Sexual Knowledge

It’s best to familiarize yourself with a wide range of practices such as:

  • Foreplay
  • Oral sex
  • Manual stimulation
  • Different sexual positions

If you lack confidence and therefore shy away from physical intimacy, you need to do some personal exploration and find some valuable sexual education resources.

This teaches you techniques and can dispel myths or share tips on how to safely have sex.

how to safely have sex

If you plan to have sex often, you also want to learn about birth control to decide the right method. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you can avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The more informed you are, the more prepared you’ll be for sexual activities.

#8: Overstretching Online Dating

Online dating has changed the dating landscape. It's easy for people to get the sexual validation they crave without actually going on dates. If you’re on one of these apps, just sexting without setting any dates, you’re probably sexually inactive.

Unfortunately, doing so because of fear will hurt your chances with potential quality partners.

How to Fix Overstretching Online Dating?

It's okay to withhold sex until you feel comfortable, but don't be afraid to go on real dates.

While online dating sometimes has a bad reputation for being a 'hook-up' platform, you can find just about anything you're looking for, whether that's a casual or long-term relationship.

In fact, 13.6% of people say they've found marriage through online dating.

#9: No Sex Without Months of Commitment

It’s okay to take your time and move things slowly until you feel connected or comfortable with sex.

But, there’s a big difference between waiting until you’re ready and simply demanding commitment to avoid sex altogether.

Physical intimacy is an important part of building an emotional connection. When you’re attracted to someone, your body is naturally aroused. If you are holding off sex indefinitely, it’s probably a sign that you’re sexually inactive.

How to Fix No Sex Without Months of Commitment

Don’t worry; just communicate with your partner and move things slowly.

Start to introduce foreplay, kissing, and other sexual activities that don’t just involve penetration. This will help to ease the strain in the relationship and help you to feel comfortable about sex.

sexual activities to feel comfortable with sex

#10: No Fun & Friends

If you lack a social life, there’s a good chance you may be sexually inactive. Perhaps you’re a career driven woman who has suppressed some of those inner desires.

It’s common for women who don’t have a busy social life to have preconceived notions.

For instance, maybe you believe sex is wrong, or everyone who socializes is out to hook up. But, this isn’t always the case.

How to Fix ‘No Fun, No Parties’

What we recommend to do instead is to reframe your beliefs around socializing. Making connections and even falling in love is totally okay.

If you want to get back out into the dating scene and don’t know, here are a few tips:

  • Say yes to social gatherings
  • Go on dating apps
  • Attend meetup groups around your hobbies
  • Ask your friends for an introduction

Don’t Let Fear or Limiting Beliefs Stop Your Sex Life

It’s very common for sexually inactive women to avoid sex. Remember, it’s totally normal, and you simply have to communicate that properly with potential suitors or your current partner. If any of these signs describe you, you can take the steps we mentioned to overcome them.

A healthy sex life can make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected in your relationship.

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your sex life and overcome your anxiety is to use Amie Natural – our all-natural supplements. We offer a wide range of supplements, lube, and creams to improve your sexual desire and arousal.

Explore Amie Naturals today and take the first step toward a more fulfilling sex life!

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