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Help! I don’t want sex anymore.

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We all have those voices in our head telling us, not so subtly, that our sex life is broken, we'll never get it back, and we may as well just give up because nothing can help us move past this. 

That’s simply not true!

“I had stopped thinking about sex, let alone enjoying it. I noticed a difference within a week. I think about sex A LOT and am enjoying it more than I ever have. Even started buying sexy lingerie again. Also can say it’s helped smooth out my mood. Please don’t ever change this product!”

Sonya S.

This is where we need info on your Brand Ambassador. I’m happy to manipulate the copy if you can point me in the right direction

You’re not alone here.

You wouldn’t believe the number of women in the same position as you, thinking identical thoughts and having exactly the same feelings.

Time to get past this and get back to actually WANTING sex again.