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Soften the hair and skin around your most intimate areas with our signature blend of all-natural, delicate, sweet-scented oils and plant extracts — SOOTHE is your newest best friend for silky smooth sensual hygiene.

Rediscover your passion

Softens hair & skin in your most intimate areas

Signature blend of soothing oils & extracts

Effective, high-quality, all-natural ingredients

Clinically tested

Safe & Estrogen-free

Key ingredients

Our product does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives. Only natural ingredients.
Sunflower Seed Oil
Matricaria Flower Extract
Lavender Flower Extract
Marigold Flower Extract
Sugar Maple Leaf Extract
Camellia Seed Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Lavender Oil
Tea Tree Leaf Oil

How does Soothe work?

2 weeks

You’ll start to feel more sensually confident as the hair and skin around your pubic area softens. At this point, you can say goodbye to uncomfortably rough skin. Almost immediately, your pubic hair will be much tamer.

First month

You’ll notice little to no rough patches or irritation, even after shaving, waxing, or laser therapy. Your skin will be hydrated and soothed, and your pores will be clearer, reducing any ingrown hair incidents.

2-3 months

Since the extracts we use have anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, you’ll no longer experience infections in and around your intimate area. Initiating intimacy will be much easier now that there’s no reason to be shy.


Soft and relaxed pubic hair, smooth and hydrated skin, clear pores, zero ingrowns and razor burns, no irritations and infections — you’ll have every reason to enjoy continuing the use of this multi-purpose oil in your daily routine.


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We've got answers

Aside from softening your pubic hair and hydrating the skin around your pubic area, Soothe alleviates any irritation or inflammation down there, and clears pores to prevent any ingrown hair. Our extracts also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so you won’t need to worry about infection.
Apply a few drops of Soothe on any hair you want to soften, and any skin you want to smooth and soothe. Soothe is residue-free and the relaxing scent dissipates within minutes. The oil is quick-drying, so it won’t stain your silk.
Women, men, anyone outside and in between who wants to keep their pubic hair tame and their downstairs are soft and smooth. Soothe is for everyone! You can also use Soothe for any other hair or skin areas on your body, including your scalp and the hair on your head, and even your eyebrows.
Although Soothe has zero-reported side effects, we recommend doing a skin patch test or consulting with your doctor, or a dermatologist, before incorporating this multi-purpose oil into your daily routine.
Although our community reports noticeable benefits as early as one week, we recommend using Soothe consistently for at least two weeks to notice any significant changes. Continue using after for optimum results.


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