signs he wants you badly sexually

15 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

It can be difficult to figure out if a guy wants you sexually even when the signs are screaming at you. This is because when you’re lost in romance, it’s almost impossible to think rationally. If we only had mind-reading powers, we’d all know whether that long-term friend is just a friend or more. 

Luckily, there are some telltale signs that can give a glimpse of what he's thinking. And if he’s doing any of these moves, there’s a pretty good chance he wants you badly sexually.

Here’re the most common signs to tell for sure!

1. He Gets Handsy With You

Whether it's stroking your arm or placing his hand on your lower back, he's finding reasons to start physical contact.

Touch is a man's way to gauge your interest and see how you respond.

he gets handsy with you

If you return the favor, he'll take it as a green light to continue moving forward and ramp up the physical intimacy. It's an obvious indication he's eager to explore your body more.

2. He Plays Eye Tag

When a guy wants to get your attention, he'll start playing eye tag with you.

It's a way of saying that he wants you badly. He might seem like he wants to devour you with his intense gaze, but for guys, it's often a straightforward way to show they're interested.

eye contact man woman

Have you noticed your eyes meeting a lot, making you both burst into laughter?

That's some real chemistry!

Don't brush it off – for him, it could mean a lot. Especially if he's a shy guy, persistent eye contact might be his way of saying he likes you.

3. He Notices All the Little Things About You

Most guys may not catch all the little details, but if he's always noticing changes in your:

  • Looks
  • Perfume
  • Clothes

…it's a sure sign he's into you!

He's not just being observant; he wants you to notice him too, maybe even like him back. Pay attention to compliments about your:

  • Scent. If he takes a moment to make compliments about your scent, that's a sign he's interested. He remembers it because he's paying attention to you.
  • Smile. Ever been told you have a beautiful smile? If he genuinely notices and loves your smile, he'll try to make you laugh more often. Keep an eye out for his obvious attempts at flattery.
  • Voice. Did he mention your voice is soothing when you send a voice message? That's a clear sign he has affection for you.
He Notices All the Little Things About You and compliments you

4. His Compliments Turn Naughty

At first, he'll stick to polite praises about the way you look, such as your smile or eyes.

But soon, he'll get more suggestive as he starts telling you how sexy your legs look in a skirt and how it accentuates your tush.

his compliments turn naughty

The more suggestive he gets with his words, the more interested he is.

As he gets more comfortable expressing his primal attraction, be prepared for the compliments to get even naughtier.

5. He Is All Over Your Social Media

If you've just met in person or online, you’re probably trading little jabs on social media. A like here, a comment there. He might've even slid into your DMs.


he is all over your social media

Here are some dead giveaways that show a man's hidden sexual desire for you:

  • He's one of the first to engage with your content (by commenting, watching your stories, or liking your posts).
  • He initiates a conversation about the post or shares it.

Think of him like an admirer who uses social media to get your attention.

6. He Initiates Sexting

It's demon hours, and you suddenly receive a text from him with a flirty message or shirtless selfie, hinting at something more. Sexting is a surefire attempt to get into your pants…

So if he's initiating it, he's not being slick at all about wanting to try x-rated activities with you.

he initiates sexting

Right or wrong, it's his way of opening up sexual communication and seeing if you'll reciprocate by trading racy pictures and texts with him.

7. He Gets Jealous of Other Men's Attention

There's nothing more obvious than seeing a guy (who isn't in a relationship with you) getting all possessive before you even date.

Maybe you're just friends or went on a date or two.

You're at a party, and you laugh at another man's jokes, but you feel a hovering cloud of jealousy hanging over you as the guy watches from afar…

He Gets Jealous of Other Men

Or maybe you're talking to a handsome bartender, and you notice that he sulks and folds his arms to indicate disdain. The truth is the green-eyed monster of jealousy comes out because the guy is fearful of losing his opportunity to hit the sheets with you.

His territorial nature immediately reveals his eagerness to be the only man in your bed.

8. He Gets Frisky on Dates

Just like getting handsy, you find that the guy is making blatant attempts to move the ball forward. A friendly hand on the knees might turn into a massage of your inner thigh.

During a nice stroll at the park, he decides to lead the way into a secluded area to initiate kissing.

He Gets Frisky on Dates

Consider these frisky moves as foreplay and just a prelude to what he's really trying to do with you when the lights are off – that’s how guys think anyway!

9. He Doesn't Keep You Hanging For Text Replies

As girls, we often complain about getting slow replies from the guys we're interested in.

But if the guy responds at the drop of a button, you know he wants your attention. If your guy delivers instant replies to your messages, then sweetheart, something naughty is brewing in his head.

He Doesn

Most guys are naturally texting all the time unless they have an ulterior motive, which, in this case, is you.

By winning your heart and your precious attention, he wishes to bring down the physical barrier and get down to business.

10. His Styling Game Is On Point

If a guy has a good sense of fashion style, that doesn't automatically scream that he's interested in you.

But if you notice he puts in a ton of effort to look good, this is a huge green flag.

His Styling Game is On Point

As the saying goes, he's dressing to impress. Whether that's adding an irresistible cologne or dressing up in a fancy suit, you know he wants to win your affection.

11. He Suggests Staying In

Rather than planning exciting outdoor adventures, he proposes to stay in to watch a movie and pop a bottle of wine at his place.

He might even give the excuse of feeling the need to unwind and relax.

He Suggests Staying In

Lounging in his apartment gives him the easy access he needs to start initiating the kissing, cuddling, and more intimate activities. When you two have privacy together, that's when the sexual advancements are made, and the clothes come off.

If he does this, then honey, you know exactly where his feelings lie.

He Suggests Staying In

12. He Always Tries to Help You & Sticks His Nose in Your Business

Need help moving your furniture or heavy office equipment or are you heading home without your umbrella on a rainy day?

He Always Tries to Help You

Guys who are less assertive tend to be more subtle in their approach. They will start beating around the bush with their intentions, hoping that you catch his drift.

By helping you, he is spending more time with you and hoping that the magical moment just happens.

It becomes even more obvious if he starts asking what you're doing during the weekend and suggests doing things together.

(Or he may even prioritize hanging out with you over his normal responsibilities.)

13. He Talks About Your Future Together

If a guy is casually bringing up plans for the future with you, it's a sign he's interested in you.

He might bring up adopting a pet together or even envisioning a trip with just the two of you. While it sounds innocent on the surface, he likely wants a committed relationship with you and to have an active sex life as part of the package.

He Talks About Your Future Together

Painting a romantic future is his way of conveying to you how much he wants to be with you.

When he fantasizes about the future, he sees all the cute ideasbut also imagines what it'd be like having you in his sheets!

14. He Asks About Your Sexual History

Asking about your sexual past and even preferences for him to approach the subject without completing diving in first. He can test the waters and see how you feel about the subject…

Depending on how you respond, he might dig deeper to ask more personal questions like:

  • What type of guy are you into?
  • When was the last time you had sex?
  • What turns you on in a guy?

As the detective he is, he's gathering information to use on you and woo you back to his place.

He Asks About Your Sexual History

15. He Finds Ways to Show Off His Body

Men are very proud of their bodies, especially if they enjoy working out. It could be a primal instinct to highlight they have the alpha male natures they deem women find attractive.

You might see him posting shirtless selfies on social media, hoping you'd see it.

He Finds Ways to Show Off His Body

If you ask him what he's doing, he might send you a picture of him flexing at the gym. When a man flaunts his sculpted body, it's a shameless ploy to make his advances sexually.

Basically, he's advertising what's potentially under the hood…

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Remember, ladies, his actions don't lie.

  • The frisky hands
  • Naughty innuendos
  • Bedroom eyes
  • Jealousy

…are all clear signs that he's got the hots for you. And if you have mutual feelings, then you know when it's time to show reciprocation.

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